In latest news, Jason Fung presents a sobering graph on increasing death from cancer, blaming doctors and “Cancer Incorporated” for the rise.

That is, until the last 20 years are included.

Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Age-adjusted death from cancer rapidly declining?! Oops!

The United States is actually currently experiencing among the lowest rates in age-adjusted death from cancer in the past 100 years.

How come? Well, let us look at the cancer mortality breakdown among males.

What was responsible for the swift rise and then swift drop? Yep! Cigarettes. Who was responsible for reducing cigarette smoking? Yep! The medical and public health establishments. And their damned treatments and health recommendations that Jason Fung wants to discredit.

What about females?

Same dealio. Only difference is females adopted smoking later and peaked later. But when you look at the other cancers? They’re either stable or falling. For both sexes

Let’s look at more detail, broken down by age, shall we?


The rate of death from cancer has declined dramatically from 1950-2015 in all age groups except those older than 85. This is due to a dramatic improvement in cancer treatments at younger ages and a drop in lung cancer at older ages.

But we wouldn’t know that from Jason Fung’s narrative, based, as it is on a research article that is more than 20 years old:

Yep, Jason Fung is basing his conclusions on data that are 25 years old.

What about cancer treatments? We have already seen that among younger people, there has been a dramatic decline in cancer deaths, indicating massive success in modern cancer treatment. But let’s look at a breakdown in 5-year survival by cancer type (right-hand column):

Source: Summary of Long Term Changes in Cancer Mortality and 5-Year Relative Survival – sect_01_table.04.pdf

A far cry from the claims of Jason and his publisher Andreas Eenfeldt (owner of the popular low-carbohydrate diet website

To finish, it is worth understanding the sleight of hand at play with Fung’s final presented graph:

How does this graph square with what we have seen earlier? Let’s recall:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2019-03-10-at-6.39.50-PM.png

So why is cancer mortality going up in Fung’s graph while age-adjusted mortality is going down? Here’s why:


And because cancer mortality is greater among older people…

Source: SEER*Explorer

Because the population is aging, and older people die of cancer at higher rates than younger people, presenting the statistics in a non-age-adjusted form and calling that “an increase in cancer” is seriously misleading. Jason Fung knows this, but presenting the data as they really are would destroy his narrative.

It gets worse. Let’s look at three charts. The last one is a whopper. But take a brief look at the next two first.

Let’s look at those aged 65 and younger.

Source: SEER*Explorer

Declining for the past 40 years.

What about those aged 65 and older?

Source: SEER*Explorer

Even among those whose risk of death from cancer goes up exponentially with age, death from cancer for the past 20 years has been declining.

Now let’s look at the cancer mortality for those aged 50 and younger.

Source: SEER*Explorer

A halving of the rate of death from cancer in the past 40 years in people aged 50 and younger.

If these three graphs do not demonstrate resounding success in the war against cancer, I don’t know what does.

So what’s up with Jason Fung’s article? What is his… goal? The same as everything else he writes. He hopes to instill fear and stir up and then capitalize on resentment and anger. He wants to paint the medical establishment and government as having failed the American people.

And then? And then… he wants you to take him as the authority. He wants to replace them… with him and his friends. And then he wants to sell his shitty books that also peddle an endless stream of deceit using exactly the same tricks that I have detailed here. And he wants to sell you bullshit supplements and fake science conferences.

Don’t let him.

The true story is that the drop in cancer deaths is directly attributable the very institutions that Jason Fung tries to discredit. Jason Fung is a fraud and his goal is nothing other than social corrosion for his own profit.

Don’t fall for his crap.


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