In this question and answer session, we cover all things on the cutting edge of the science of keto. These include:

Do ketogenic diets have a weight loss or metabolic advantage? Do ketosis and fasting improve cognition? Can we improve Alzheimer’s with ketogenic diets? What trials have been conducted? What are the mechanisms? What trials are coming up? What can the trial literature tell us about fasting and mental clarity? Why might the trial evidence miss an effect, while subjectively, the benefits seem so obvious? What are some underrated aspects of keto research? Overrated? (Underrated- cancer, cognition. Overrated- everything, especially weight loss.) Science and cults both challenge conventional beliefs. What is the difference between science and cults? Why the popular keto movement is largely a cult. What is the difference between a scientifically rigorous n-of-1 study and an anecdote? Why we cannot conclude anything about causality from anecdotes. What is the biological purpose of ketosis? Why I would have a beer with Ivor Cummins or Shawn Baker any day of the week. Relationship between ketogenic diets and hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin. Obesity, brain inflammation, sickness syndrome, and depressed mood. Ketones, GPR109A, and cancer prevention. Saturated fat and breast cancer risk. How to follow a healthier, lower risk ketogenic diet pattern.

And much more.

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