Do you want input from the very best in health and nutrition science? Cutting-edge, no BS, hard-nosed information and recommendations? You have come to the right place.

I conduct short-term diet and nutrition consultations lasting between one and four sessions over the course of one to four weeks, for 1.5 hours per session, at $100/session. During this time, I consult on questions, problems, and solutions related to nutrition, lifestyle, and overall health. I provide a printout with important information and details, as well as a template for action, within 24 hours of each session. Prior to meeting, I conduct in-depth literature research for clients outside of sessions to answer particularly specialized questions.Due to the intensive nature of the preparation work for consultation meetings, I can only meet with a limited number of clients each month. Therefore, I only take a minority of clients on whose questions or problems I feel confident that we can make substantial progress within the short period of time allotted. I also sometimes limit the number of sessions each client can sign up for, to below the four-session maximum.

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